Christmassy Bites

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This is an easy, no bake Christmassy dessert recipe with no refined nasties; just lovely flavours of cacao, chestnuts, cashews and clementine.

The roast chestnuts are from a packet so no need to roast or peel; just pop the ingredients in a food processor, blitz and cut the squidgy mixture into festive shapes!

chesnut chocy stars_



200g pitted medjool dates

30g raw cacao powder

zest of 1 clementine/satsuma

80g roasted chestnuts (ready peeled from a packet, unless you happen to be roasting chestnuts on an open fire in a serene toddler free house)

20g raisins

100g unsalted cashew nuts

A handful of desiccated coconut


Pop all the ingredients listed above in your food processor in the order written if possible, keeping the desiccated coconut to one side for the ‘snow’ garnish.

Blitz together until the nuts are in very small pieces and the mixture has reached a sticky texture that you can roll into balls or flatten and cut into shapes with a pastry cutter.

Remove the mixture and roll with you hands into balls or press into a flat 1 cm thick slab to cut into shapes.

Sprinkle the shapes with coconut snow or a little more cacao powder.

Enjoy with a coffee and eat as many as you can before you kids devour the lot!

Note: Dried fruit is great eaten as part of a dessert at meal times for little ones especially babies to slow down the release of sugars! 

chestnut chocolate orange_
My 2 year old managed to shove two of these in his mouth at once whilst I took this photo – kept him rather quiet for a couple of minutes!

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