We LOVE inspiring you with new recipes and ingredients to try, but our ideas and inspiration don’t always just come out of the blue! This page links to some of our favourite food blogs and has more information on the huge difference you can make everyday just by what you put on the table each mealtime.

If you are interested in a veggie, plant-based or vegan diet below are links to some sciencey bits and interesting media for you to explore when you find yourself with a spare bit of time and are stumped for something better to do. Ha. Ha….hey, you never know.


FINAL ARTS BABY LOVES VEG topFoodie inspiration 

  • We love the photography, food ideas, tales of travel and Stockholm life from the Green Kitchen Stories family.
  • Tons of lovely veggie, dairy and gluten free recipes from Angela Liddon at Oh She Glows
  • Ella Woodward’s route to whole, plant-based foods began with cooking her way to health, now she inspires us with her recipes at; Deliciously Ella


FINAL ARTS BABY LOVES VEG topPlant-based for Health 

  • For really useful resources and trustworthy advice from nutrition and dietetic experts, including info on feeding plant-based, veggie or vegan infants and under 5s, try First Steps Nutrition.
  • For fascinating videos on nutrition posted daily, check out Dr Michael Greger scours the latest peer reviewed research so you don’t have to and condenses it into interesting and manageable chunks. We’re continuously inspired  by his dulcete tones! Here’s a video to get you started: Preventing Asthma with Fruits and Vegetables

  • For more unbiased scientific research relevant to plant-based nutrition, see Plant Based Research


FINAL ARTS BABY LOVES VEG topPlant-based for the Planet 

  •  Diet and Climate Change In this video Dr Greger provides us with an exciting overview of the environmental evidence for reducing animal protein consumption and the changes we can make:
  • Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret : Despite it’s rather creepy title this is a fascinating perspective on the environmental impact of animal agriculture. The documentary gained traction thanks to Exec Producer; Leonardo DiCaprio (we have a lot of love for Leo!).
  • Global Change : The Chinese government has recently committed to reducing China’s meat intake by 50%, this is huge because their increasing meat consumption will have an enormous environmental impact on an already big global problem. James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger are backing this program and recognise the need for change.



Finally for all the blurb on campaigns and activism in the veggie/vegan space, great places to eat and events to attend, Viva is essential.